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How Much Has Your Anxiety Cost You In Your Career, Your Relationships, Your Peace of Mind?
Hi there!  Marshall Burtcher here,

Were you taught that you had to cope with your anxiety?  Or that you had to live "with it" or "manage it", as though it was a life sentence?

If you're nodding yes, you're not alone.  I was taught this when I was 8 years old by a therapist.  He told me I had to "get used to it" and learn how to "manage it".  We tried a few tricks, like breathing and focusing on my strengths, and using some affirmations (does that sound familiar?)

To be blunt: they didn't work. 

It is true that anxiety is influenced by our thoughts, our breathing, and our beliefs.  But those depend on your will-power and your memory to make them work.   And when you have constant anxiety,  those are  in short supply, right?

It became so overwhelming, I attempted to take my life!

No joke. I was having 3 - 4 panic attacks daily by the time I was 20.  I was constantly rigid, on high alert, and utterly overwhelmed by racing thoughts, pounding heart, and a fear of passing out (or worse, embarrassing myself by having an attack in front of people!)

By the time I was 25, I was deeply exhausted and wanted out.  It was either get better or get out totally.

I tried different things to mitigate the anxiety. Things like medication, CBT, meditation, and exercise.

The medication did nothing for me.

The CBT gave me some skills, but no relief.

Meditation helped slow my racing mind, but I still had to wrestle with those awful surges of anxiety.

Exercise actually caused me more anxiety (later found out it was triggering an old trauma).

It wasn't until a few years ago I literally stumbled across a way to calm my panic and anxiety in seconds.  Literally. In. Seconds. 

Who is Marshall Burtcher
Beyond the decade of mentoring and healing private clients, I've actually walked the path out of the hell that is abuse, neglect and codependent relating.  I know the territory.  I know where the pitfalls are.  I know what the shadows among the trees are, and what the sounds in the forest mean.  I can help you decode your reality because I've done it for myself.

I have 2 years training in shamanic healing and 2 years training relationship fundamentals.  I've been mentoring since June 2008. I presently live in Boise, Idaho with my two kiddos, the neighbor's dog, and my passion for concerts.
It takes only seconds to go from anxiety to relaxation
Sounds absurd, doesn't it? But this result happens, and is actually based on neuroscience...
Your brain has a built-in danger response system. 

This system is controlled by your Amygdala.  It tells the brain to go into Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn (the 4 F's!) when the brain perceives a danger. 

This is where the adrenaline, cortisol, rapid heart-rate, sweaty palms, and racing mind come alive.

This is your natural response to DANGER. 

But did you know you also have a built-in CALMING response?

I didn't either, until I discovered these techniques while studying trauma and what is called, "somatic processing".  

You see, your body's response to threats is totally controlled by your nervous system and the programming you have in your mind about danger. 

And your nervous system is entirely a reactive in-body/physical experience.

Since it is reactive, that means it can be triggered into certain physical states.  We're deeply familiar with the anxiety state.  But there are others:  excitement, relaxation, anticipation, attraction, anger

In fact, you trigger your nervous system all the time.  You do it when you watch a scary movie or read a romantic novel.  You are deliberately stimulating your nervous system!

And because there is a way to calm your body quick...

This means that your body can be commanded to calm itself.

This is achieved through specific types of touch and breathing.

On top of this, you can also program your nervous system to response to threats and your fear response differently.  This is possible because of neuroplasticity and how the brain associates emotions with events.

This means you can control your anxiety nearly instantly, shut down panic responses, AND program yourself to feel more calm and peace. 

It sounds kind of "too good to be true", doesn't it?
I thought so to.  Then I started using it myself.  Then I taught my clients.
You might not know this about you, but I'm gonna guess this is you because you're here reading this...

Some people have sensitive nervous systems.  Sometimes we are born with it.  Sometimes it is a result of trauma and neglect.  Usually it is a combination of both.

What this means for you and me is that being "the nervous type" or having anxiety isn't something we caused ourselves.  It is a result of our nurture+nature combination. 

This means you and I will have a natural tendency to be nervous.  That is how we are made.

But it also means we can program ourselves to respond to that anxiety DIFFERENTLY than we do now.

This is possible because we have that built-in CALM button.  Once you know how to use it, you will finally be in control.

Then, once you have that mastered, you can program your anxiety reflex to actually MAKE YOU CALM DOWN instead of escalate into anxiety. 

This happens because our nervous system is designed to be triggered.  So, we use our anxiety to trigger CALM by creating strong emotional associations.

How cool is that?

This is why you can have control over your anxiety.

What My Clients Are Experiencing...
Leighton D. -  Idaho
Started using the tools in CALM and found his anxiety drop significantly.  He's been able to break out of paralyzing fear of failure and dramatically increase his productivity and engagement in his life (no more procrastination!)
Cynthia H. - Idaho
Uses the tools in CALM to help her navigate her anxiety and panic after trauma and neglect.  She's gone onto building a successful home service company and thriving relationships.
K. - Oregon
"It just works! It is amazing how simple it is!"

K went from fearing confrontation and conflict to feeling totally indifferent, all because she used the tools in CALM
Welcome to CALM
Here's How I Make Calming Your Anxiety a Natural & Easy Experience For You
The 6 CALM Techniques

  • Technique #1: Regulation -  this is the self-touch technique that begins instantly calming your nervous system
  • Technique #2: T.O.T. - Discover how easy it is to find peace and center again when you know the truth about your thoughts, identity, and how to respond to your thoughts
  • Technique #3: Focus Meditation - Control your focus in ways that dramatically reduces anxiety, increases your peace, and breaks you free of procrastination, anxiety, and worry
  • Technique #4: Holding - No longer will you be reactive and out of control to the feelings you experience with this simple, powerful technique that you can do any where, any time
  • Technique #5: Reshaping Self-Talk -  Use my simple my  approach to reprogramming how you talk to yourself so your brain promotes confidence, peace, and creativity
Community Support
You won't be doing this alone.  Here's how You and I work together:
  • Life-time access to FSTU Community:  Ask questions, get support, and share your experience in my private, exclusive community
  • About Me: I've been mentoring survivors of narcissistic abuse and childhood emotional neglect for 7+ years and helping trauma victims heal for 10.  I'm trained in shamanic release and healing techniques, somatic releasing, EFT, and the Sedona Method.
Emergency Protocols
You can Respond Rather Than Be Controlled By Reaction!
  • Quickly Get Unhijacked from Emotional Flasbacks & Triggers
  • Calm Severe or Sudden Anxiety Before It Gets Control
  • End Dissociation's Numbness Fast
  • Calm Your Racing Mind Quick
I Make It All This Simple Because, Frankly, Real Healing IS Simple.  Here's How I Do It:
Video Instruction

  • 6+ Videos of Instruction and Demonstration of the Techniques
  • Discussion on Love, Rejection, Emotional Release, Who You Really Are, and More
PDF Guides
You won't be doing this alone.  Here's how You and I work together:
  • 6+ PDFs discussing the Techniques and Topics indepth.  Includes links to Audio Guides and Resources.
Audio Guides for Each Technique
You can Respond Rather Than Be Controlled By Reaction!
  • Save to your phone
  •  Use to Guide You Through Each Technique
  • Fast and Easy to Access
Get Control of Your Peace and Calm Today
I offer this routinely for $297.00 (you can click here if you want to pick it up for that)
But, because you're here, right now, and I'm a bit crazy about getting this into people's hands...
$47.00 for Today Only
14-day Guarantee
I'm committed to your success. This means I offer a short period for refunds. Because most courses are instant access to the materials, this comes with a few rules:

*    You must have participated in the group

*   You must have contacted support regarding any difficulty or problem with the course or its materials

*    You must have attempted any solution offered before requesting a refund

In the event a refund is granted, you will receive it within 72 hours.  If charge-backs or a credit card reversal is issued by your request, all future purchase requests from you will be denied.

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